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Spring Greens are Finally Here

Spring is officially here and with spring comes a variety of farm-fresh greens. Cruciferous vegetables are common this type of year, but you can also find salad mixes, scallions, cilantro, and more that are harvested fresh each week for the Market. Enjoy the experience of preparing fresh seasonal produce and try something new!

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We're Hiring Market Staff for our 49th Season!

Join the Olympia Farmers Market community for our 49th season! The Market is hiring two part-time temporary Market Staff positions to join the team. Market Staff are responsible for coordinating the daily operations of the Market and will provide customer service to Market shoppers and vendors.

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Discover Joy: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide at the Olympia Farmers Market!

Discover the magic of the Olympia Farmers Market this holiday season! Beyond the bountiful fresh produce, dairy, seafood, meat, wreaths, and baked goods, immerse yourself in a world of creativity with 40 crafters and artisan food vendors every weekend. Elevate your gift-giving game and forge meaningful connections with unique, handcrafted treasures that speak volumes.

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Farm to Table Thanksgiving 2023 Menu and Shopping List

Indulge in the art of festive feasting! Elevate your Thanksgiving with the freshest farm-to-table delights. Join us this weekend at The Olympia Farmers Market for an unparalleled shopping experience—imagine vibrant crudités, artisanal cheeses, and the juiciest meats. Elevate your holiday gathering with our fresh produce, seafood, bread, pastries, greens, centerpieces, and more!

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Holiday Hostess Gift Guide 2023

Traveling for the holidays or hosting? We have a variety of seasonal items, inspired art, jewelry, crafts, handcrafted cheeses, wines, jams and chocolates, and you're sure to find a perfect host or hostess gift!

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Holiday Market is Here! We still have plenty of fresh produce!

As November sweeps across the Pacific Northwest, the Olympia Farmers Market transforms into a cornucopia of seasonal delights. While the availability of produce may vary from week to week, our Market farmers offer a captivating array of fruits and vegetables for shoppers who want local produce for their winter salads, soups, stews, and feasts!

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