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Berry Harvest Shortcake Fundraiser

The Olympia Farmers Market is excited to announce its upcoming Berry Shortcake Fundraiser on June 24, starting at 11 am. This event aims to raise funds for the Annual Market Farm to Table Food Drive, supporting local families by providing them with nutritious, locally sourced food for the holidays. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly toward this worthy cause.

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Dive into a Seafood Extravaganza at Dingey's Cuisine!

Have you tried Dingey’s Puget Sound Cuisine at the Olympia Farmers Market? Join them for breakfast or lunch and support this local gem. From cheesy crab melts, salmon benedict, and fish and chips, Dingey’s has been cooking up a menu for seafood lovers since 2002. We interviewed owner Dan Ricklick to learn more about this family establishment. Enjoy our conversation below!

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Rising River Farm at Olympia Farmers Market: 29 Years of Sustainable Farming and Fresh Produce

Rising River Farm is a thriving farm at the Olympia Farmers Market run by Jim McGinn and his partner, Jen. In an interview, they shared their experiences farming and what sets their farm apart from others. Their production process is intentional and hands-on, focusing on what works best for their land and what they enjoy growing and eating. Rising River Farm cultivates 11 acres of land and produces a variety of fresh veggies, including their famous carrots and pickling cucumbers. They encourage people to try fresh veggies and are proud to produce plant starts for the community. As they celebrate their 29th growing season, they continue to bring their fresh produce to the Olympia Farmers Market.

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Meet Maurrie of Maurrie's Garden: From Childhood Memories to Sustainable Farming at Olympia Farmers Market

The Olympia Farmers Market is a vibrant community of farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs, each with their unique story and inspiration. One such vendor is Maurrie Aukland with Maurrie's Garden, a vendor whose passion for gardening and farming was ignited at a young age. Maurrie's love for plants and agriculture was nurtured by her grandmother, who taught her the basics of gardening and the joys of growing your own food. This passion led Maurrie to start her own business, Maurrie's Garden, where she grows and sells pre-1940's heirloom seeds, carefully hand-collected and sorted for quality and diversity. Maurrie's Garden also offers a range of gift gardens, perfect for everyone from herb lovers to flower enthusiasts. In this interview, Maurrie shares her journey into farming, her unique production process, and her advice for anyone interested in growing their own food.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Enjoy our Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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Experience Nature's Gifts: Rainchild Apothecary's Small-Batch, Sustainable Skincare

Rainchild Apothecary, a natural skincare vendor at the Olympia Farmers Market, takes pride in their small-batch production process, use of natural and organic ingredients, and commitment to sustainability. The founder's love for skincare and desire for natural, comforting products led to the birth of Rainchild Apothecary five years ago.

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