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We're Getting Ready to Celebrate National Farmers Market Week!

We are so excited to celebrate National Farmers Market Week from August 10th-12th with you!

Over the past year, our farmers market community has continued to showcase adaptability in our rapidly changing world. While farmers markets have always been essential to our local food systems, in this moment of widespread changes, we want to also recognize the ways in which farmers markets are essential tools for shaping our worlds, and how they bring about important opportunities for us to learn, grow, and work together. More than ever, we need places where people can come together. Farmers markets are designed in partnership with the people they serve, creating a space where market operators, farmers, shoppers, and neighbors can collaborate to meet the evolving needs of our communities.

National Farmers Market Week is an occasion to highlight how farmers markets are changing the way we eat, shop, connect, and more!

Visit the Olympia Farmers Market during National Farmers Market Week to support local farms and businesses! Throughout the week, we’ll have special demonstrations led by OFM vendors and community partners to help us celebrate farmers markets.

August 10

12 PM-1:30 PM— Join Market Vendor MycoUpprhizal Mushrooms for a demonstration about how to grow your own mushrooms at home! Using wood plugs inoculated with mushroom spores, anyone can learn how to cultivate their own crop.

August 11

10 AM-3 PM—We are buzzing with excitement to support local farms! Visit the demonstration honeybee hive courtesy of Hive Five Bees and see the bees at work inside the hive. Talk with their bee experts about these pollinators, their role in agriculture, and the sweet honey that they create.

August 12

12 PM-1:00 PM— Join Market Vendor Olykraut with a demonstration about how to create your own kefir water and kombucha using natural fermentation! Business owner Sash Sunday will demonstrate how to use kefir grains to make refreshing summer drinks full of natural probiotics.

August 13

10 AM-3 PM—Are you looking for a new recipe? Join Slow Flood Greater Olympia for a cooking demonstration using local produce from the Market! Simple preparation can transform your veggies into delicious, nutritious meals that are accessible to all.

All week long

Visit the Market any day between August 10 through August 13 and enter to win our FREE Raffle to win a basket full of Market goodies. The raffle is free to enter. Please, one entry per person.