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Skokomish Valley Farms is Now Selling Their Eggs as Part of Our Online Market Offerings!

Skokomish Valley Farms exists to grow good food for the local community while responsibly caring for the beautiful land where they farm.

Their 770-acre certified organic farm is owned by a community of 18 families. They are passionate about the food they grow and are committed to supporting a truly local and sustainable food system.

Their goal is to be the best possible stewards of the land they farm. To that end, they have 70+ acres in a CREP easement to preserve and restore riparian areas along the Skokomish River. They have 30+ acres in EWP to protect wetland areas for perpetuity and are also organically certified by WSDA.

Skokomish Valley Farms is now selling their organic eggs as part of our online Market offerings!

*Photos Courtesy Skokomish Valley Farms