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OlyKraut Offers Sauerkraut and More!

In addition to healthy sauerkrauts sourced from local producers, OlyKraut offers a selection of other products, including pickles and a variety of sipping brines. Brine is a delicious tonic containing a huge dose of probiotics, lactic acid, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and salt (also known as electrolytes.) The brine comes from the unpasteurized sauerkraut, which means it’s naturally fermented as well!  A serving of OlyKraut has been tested to have 11.3 billion CFU. That's a healthy dose of probiotics, known to support better digestion and overall health.

OlyKraut's mission is to help grow a sustainable, regional food system and increase the health of our community by making, selling and promoting the consumption of raw, organic, fermented vegetables. They are a Certified B Corporation, which means they've met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. OlyKraut has evaluated how their practices impact their employees, the community, the environment and their customers.

OlyKraut has a selection of products available exclusively at Farmers Markets! Their cranberry brine, fermented chile sauce, garlic cream cheese and relishes are sold at markets a few times throughout the year when supplies are available. Stop by and stock up!

Visit them Saturdays at the Market, follow them on Facebook, find their products locally or shop online.