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Mel O'Soup Offers Flavorful, Versatile Vegetable Blends

Mel O’Soup offers pint jars full of saucy vegetables. Her soups are extremely versatile; use as a soup base and add liquid, water, broth or milk to reach your desired consistency. You can also use them as a sauce for your favorite grain, protein or pasta or as a dipping sauce or condiment!

Four exquisite flavors are available:

Garlic and Greens - a large amount of garlic and ginger, with yam and finishes with lemon.

Diane’s Borscht - cumin predominant, with a back note of dill and a very fine chop, (similar to a salsa.)

Luscious Sesame Potato - toasted sesame oil blended with yukon gold potatoes and tahini, lightly spiced.

Bodacious Coconut Curry - lots of curry flavor without the heat.

The soups are sold in a durable, returnable glass jar. Customers receive $1 for each jar returned. Her products use all organic ingredients, are flavorful and cater to those with food sensitivities.