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Withywindle Valley Farm

Withywindle Farm, a small family farm nestled in the biologically rich Nisqually basin.

With a steadfast commitment to regenerative agriculture, Withywindle Farm specializes in ethically and sustainably raised pork and lamb. Each animal is nurtured with love and respect for both the animal and the environment it calls home.

Located amidst the migratory route of birds and a nesting site for bald eagles, Withywindle Farm embodies harmony with nature. They understand the importance of feeling connected to your food and ensuring it's raised humanely. From pasture-raised lamb to pork, they're here to bridge the gap between you and your plate.

But it doesn't stop there! Withywindle Farm values connection with their customers above all else. Whether you're stocking up for your family or seeking culturally appropriate holiday fare, they've got you covered. From farm pick-up options to convenient delivery between Chehalis and Seattle, they're dedicated to meeting your needs with warmth and hospitality.

We Proudly participate in the following programs:

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