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Hot Babe Hot Sauce

The first El Diamante Negro restaurant was started by my parents in Venezuela over 70 years ago and later moved to Trinidad and Tobago where it established its reputation for serving excellent local cuisine. While my parents worked tirelessly to build their restaurant business, we were raised by my grandmother, who had a passion for creating good food. I have strong memories of us kids in the kitchen – it’s Sunday, everything’s fresh, colorful and delicious.  

It took me a while to realize my dream of starting a hot sauce company but, with the blessings of my siblings in 2013, I decided to ‘dust off’ the name El Diamante Negro and bring to life the hot sauces of my childhood. Drawing on the vibrancy of color, flavor, heat and the lime-base notes of Caribbean cuisine ensured our recipes would be unique among hot sauces and they are now being embraced by hot sauce lovers across the nation.

The original Hot Babe-Hot Sauce™ with no artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings or sugar is available in four heat levels (Light, Medium, Hot and XHot) and is made lovingly by hand at our community kitchen in Yelm, in small batches from non-GMO, and where possible, organic ingredients. Our surprise customers (thank you for paying Mums/Dads) have been children who just “love the taste”. In 2014 we followed up with our now wildly popular Sweet Babe-Hot Sauce™ - quince jelly, hot peppers, that special something and the blender and the Sweet Babe was born.

But our passion does not stop here. We believe in the power of well balanced, fresh and healthy food to heal our bodies and want to encourage you to experiment with our sauces. We like to say our HotBabe and SweetBabe Divas help unleash the creative cook in you!  

Our artisan sauces are literally that, combining our family’s recipes with my art for the labels. Loved by vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies and omnivores alike, its tangy, lime-based flavor has been called ‘addictive’. Some of our clients just drink it, with or without the Bloody Mary!  

Thank you for being our valued customer.

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