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Chehalis Valley Farm

Find us at the Olympia Farmers Market every Saturday and Sunday.

At Chehalis Valley Farm we raise heritage and heritage-cross pigs in the lush Chehalis River Valley outside of Elma, WA. A farrow-to-finish operation, pig varieties include Berkshire, Red Wattle and Hereford as well as crosses of each. Trained to hot-wire fence, our pigs live outside in large areas where they can roam, forage, dig, wallow, nap and feed whenever they would like. Our practice of rotational grazing benefits the land by helping to fertilize and aerate the soil as well as control invasive plant species. Their forage diet is supplemented with Washington grown, non-GMO grains that are corn and soy free and they are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. We are passionate about producing the highest quality and best tasting meat in the outdoors because we know that active, healthy animals taste the best! When weather necessitates, they are provided shelter and deep bedding. Our pigs are USDA processed at Revel Meats in Canby, Oregon. Revel Meats is a small, locally owned butcher that is Animal Welfare Approved and believes in the humane handling of livestock. Wholesale and retail cuts available at local farmers markets and in our on-farm store in Elma. Pre-order available through our website for quick and easy market pick up where you can also find whole and half pigs, boxes and bundles available.

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