Become a vendor at the Olympia farmers market


The Olympia Farmers Market is seeking new vendors who produce their product within the geographical boundaries of Thurston, Lewis, Mason or Grays Harbor (east of the Wynochee River) Counties.

The Olympia Farmers Market has specific requirements for applying and becoming a member vendor. We do this to ensure high quality, locally grown and hand-crafted items. Please read through the following requirements.

If you are a farmer, you may submit your application for membership at any time.  Food processor and crafters if you produce your product within the geographical boundaries, consider applying for membership with the community of vendors who create the Olympia Farmers Market!

Geographical Boundary

The Olympia Farmers' Market has geographical boundaries to ensure local product. These boundaries are Thurston, Lewis, Mason, and Grays Harbor (East of the Wynoochee River) Counties.  You must produce your product within one of these counties in order to be considered for membership.

Membership Category

Vendor Membership is limited to individuals or single-family units producing products in the following categories only:

  • Farmer - Farmers are persons who raise produce (fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, or nursery crops from seeds or plants, and care for, cultivate, and harvest the crops offered for sale. No products may be bought and resold at the Market.

  • Processor - Processors are persons offering fresh food products such as meat, fish, or baked goods that they have processed, creating and adding value to their product being offer for sale.

  • Crafter - Crafters are persons who craft, with their own hands, the products they offer for sale.

Fee Structure

All vendor categories pay a percentage of their daily gross sales or a minimum daily fee of $7 on Thursday & Friday or $15 on Saturday & Sunday whichever is greater. 

  • Farmers and Crafters: Pay 7% of daily gross sales or $7 on Thursday & Friday and $15 on Saturday and Sunday, whichever is greater.

  • Processors: Pay 8% of daily gross sales or $7 on Thursday & Friday and $15 on Saturday and Sunday, whichever is greater.

  • Either of the Above Category in a Market Designated Premium Stall: Pay 9% of daily gross sales or $14 on Thursday & Friday and $30 on Saturday and Sunday, whichever is greater.

  • Restaurants: Pay 9% plus utility charges. Please note, at this time, we are NOT accepting applications for restaurants.

  • Food Carts: Pay 7% plus utility charges.

On Site Inspections

  • All vendors are inspected prior to selling at the Market by a market manager or Board Member inspector. Appointments will be made once the initial application has been approved by the board.

General Rules

  • No finished products may be bought and resold.

  • Crafters must go through a jury process which will include committee approval prior to acceptance.

  • All vendors pay an annual membership fee of $100.00 if accepted as a member.

  • There is a guest vendor program which gives you scheduling flexibility, but not a permanent stall in the market.

This is a briefing on what to expect from the application process at the market. If you have met the qualifications and would like to be added to the list of folks interested in receiving an application in December,  please email with your product, your location and contact information. Thank you for your interest in the Olympia Farmers Market!

Applications Are available below - applications are due before December 31, 2018 to be considered for the 2019 market season, beginning in April 2019. farmers do not have an application deadline and may apply for membership at any time.


2019 Farmer Application

2019 Crafter Application

2019 Processor Application