Join us in celebrating our 43RD SEASON!




January - March | SaturdayS Only

April - October | Thursday - Sunday

November - December | Saturday & Sunday



The Olympia farmers MARKET MISSION:

“to promote and encourage the development of local, small scale agriculture and ensure a dynamic Market balance for small, local growers and others to make available their products to residents of this community.”

It is not a coincidence that the adjective "small" is used twice in our mission statement. The pillars of the Market are our membership of local businesses. We create an environment for producers & consumers to have a direct relationship. the market is a small business incubator that provides businesses a platform on which to grow.

We are proud to be an active component the Olympia community for 41 years. centrally located,  Olympia residents & visitors can enjoy local produce, fresh fruit, artisan crafts, baked goods, meat & dairy, with seven restaurants, all set to daily live music.

In the 152 days of our market season, we see approximately 400,000 visitors. We value the a relationship of trust with our community. we are the proud "Jewel of Olympia.” We will continue to offer family and friends a welcoming atmosphere for another 40 years!