Hours and Directions


Did you know Olympia's Intercity Transit DASH Bus travels from the Olympia Transit Center to The Olympia Farmers Market - Ride the DASH to The Olympia Farmers Market for FREE! To Learn more about the DASH Shuttle Visit: DASH BUS SCHEDULE
 If you arrive at the Olympia Transit Center, the market is just a 10 minute walk away:

  1. Head West on State Street towards Capitol Boulevard
  2. Turn Right onto Capitol Boulevard
  3. Stay on Capitol Boulevard until you...
  4. Walk right through the front door of The Olympia Farmers Market!


Coasting down to The Olympia Farmers Market on your bike promises a great ride through the heart of Olympia, down Capitol Boulevard. We have bike racks located right outside the main entrance.

by Car

We are located at the northern most end of Capitol Way in Downtown Olympia.

Heading North on 1-5

  1.        Take EXIT 105 toward Port of Olympia
  2.        Merge onto 14TH Ave SE
  3.        At the first traffic light, turn left onto Plum Street (0.6m)
  4.        Take a left onto Olympia Avenue NE (0.2m)
  5.        Take the first right onto Marine Dr. NE
  6.        Take a left onto Market Street (The Northern most end of Capitol Way)

Heading South on 1-5

  1. Take EXIT 105B toward Port Of Olympia.
  2. Merge onto Plum St SE.
  3. Turn left onto State Ave NE.
  4. Turn right onto Capitol Way N.
  5. Capitol Way N is just past Washington St NE
  6. 700 CAPITOL WAY N is on the right.