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MAY - JUNE 2018 music schedule


MUSIC hours: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Market Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 PM


Saturday, May 26: Bevy

Sunday, May 27: Rooty Toot


Thursday, May 31: TBA

Friday,  June 1: Joe Baque

Saturday,  June 2: Elizabeth Hummel

Sunday, June 3: Mud Cat


Thursday, June 7: Daniels & Baker Bluegrass

Friday, June 8: Cool Breeze

Saturday, June 9: Tumwater Marimba/SPSCC Jazz

Sunday, June 10: Mukana Marimba


Thursday, June 14: Professor Banjo

Friday, June 15: Malo Combo

Saturday, June 16: Bootleg Sunshine

Sunday, June 17: Olympia Jazz Tentette


Thursday, June 21: Skyler Blake

Friday, June 22: Itamare Brazillian Jazz

Saturday, June 23: Climate Change

Sunday, June 24: Choro Tomorrow


Thursday, June 28: The Hinges

Friday, June 29: No Strings Attached

Saturday, June 30: TBA

Sunday, July 3: TBA

Music schedule is subject to change. Please call the Main Office for confirmation. 

Are you an original singer/ songwriter musician or band interested in playing on the main stage at the Olympia Farmers Market? Send an email with a sample of your music to info@olympiafarmersmarket.com to be considered for main stage scheduling. 


Busking at the Olympia Farmers Market

Please Note: Buskers play on the perimeter of the Market only at a designated location, and NOT on the Market’s Main Stage.

The Management reserves the right to refuse the privilege of busking to anyone.

1.          You must first check in at the main office no earlier than 9:45 am or 1:45 pm.

2.          Buskers may play from 10 am – 11am and 2 pm – 3pm. These hours are firm.

3.          There are two blue “musical notes” painted on the sidewalk, located on the east and west ends of the market. This is the indicator of your designated area, indicated by a blue musical note, painted on the asphalt.

4.          You may play for 30 minutes on one side of the market, then you must stop and rotate to the other side of the market. Remain on the blue musical note.

5.          Anytime there is music on the Main Stage, buskers may not play music.

6.          No electric amplification of any kind is allowed.

7.          No more than 3 members of a single musical group may convene on the blue musical note.

Thank You!