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Ironhill Wool Works

From our pasture to your home and closet - naturally, humanely and ethically raised and processed wool and wool products from small local flocks of Icelandic Sheep (including our own flock).  

Our durable wool products are ideally suited for the Pacific Northwest climate.  Our sheep are raised and fed primarily on the natural grasses and leafy browse native to the South Puget Sound area (including blackberries!), our products are sustainably produced and 100% biodegradable.  Reuse them as often as you can, and when they completely worn out, bury them in your yard or garden to replenish the top soil.

Our wool is naturally water resistant (in fact it actually warms up slightly when wet and can absorb nearly 20% of its weight in water before it will even start to feel damp). It is naturally fire retardant and its loft, fiber structure and moisture absorption give it an ability to maintain your body temperature (in warm or cold weather) far superior to synthetic clothing products.